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Just Ask Our Customers...

Sept, 2016   


Thank you! We really appreciate your assistance on this, and I hope we can do business with you again soon! 

Leiland T, Florida


The pins came out real nice.  

JoAnne A, New Jersey


August, 2016 


The pins have proven to be great sellers. We really like all of the designs. I’d like to triple our last order. 

Rose B, Arizona  


I sold 28 pins the first day! I got them just in time for our district meeting and told the other posts about them so expect some more orders soon! Everyone loved them and talked about how good the quality was.  

Michael I, Georgia 


They are really what we wanted. Thank you very much. 

Steve L, Florida  


Thank you for all of your help. We have been giving them out to many veterans. Everyone is so pleased with them.
Rod S, Georgia 


Our first meeting was tonight and we sold over half of them! Thank you. 

Cindy U, Kentucky 


July, 2016 


They look great - you did a good job. Thank you again. 

Carol K, New York  


They look great. Thanks again 

Bill H, South Carolina 


They arrived and I truly would be hard pressed to tell the difference between these and the much more expensive pins we've ordered in the past. Thank you for all of your help.  

Theresa I, California 


June, 2016 


They loved the pins and enjoyed sharing them. They were very popular amongst the other in traders. Thanks again so much for all your work on those with our tight deadline and creative vision. 

Jen E, Florida 


We are very satisfied – I especially appreciate you getting them to me so quickly. 

Dennis P, Utah 


They look great, thank you. 

Robin T, Florida 


Thanks again for a great job!  

Louise M, Ohio 


May, 2016 


My Pins just came in! They look great! Can you tell I am excited? 

Betty S, Maryland 


We’re very satisfied with the pins. Thank you. 

Bill H, South Carolina 


Perfect. We will be ordering more. 

Tim P, Montana 


They are beautiful -- Thanks so much. 

Jeannine M, Arizona  


They look great!  

Roberta C, Pennsylvania 


They look great! Thanks so much for all of your help with getting them here, on time and at a good price! They will add to our event immensely. 

Jean H, Illinois 


Woohoo! Thanks for your hard work on getting these to us with such short notice! 

Jen E, Florida 


The pins look great. I can't wait to take them to our fundraiser this weekend. Thank you.

Robert H, Florida 


Everything looks great! Thanks again! 

Amber G, Connecticut


April, 2016 


Looks outstanding, thanks for the good job you’ve done. There’s none better than your work. Thanks again. 

Bill H, South Carolina 


They are Awesome and we’re really happy with them. Thank you so very much for all your hard work and help on these.  

Cheryl C, Oregon 


We LOVE them!!!! Thank you. 

Natasha G, Tennessee 


We are well pleased and will spread the word about your company.  

John S, Texas 


March, 2016 


They look amazing. Even better than the first edition. Thanks again. 

Joel B, New York 


They are exceptionally wonderful. They are exactly as we pictured they would be. Thank You SOOOO much for your help & kindnesses. 

Dolores S, New York 


Everything looks fun, which is what we wanted. GREAT JOB! Thank you for all of your hard work. 

Colleen R, Colorado 


You are so nice to work with and I can depend on you when I have a deadline! Everything looks great. I appreciate your help. 

Karen R, Virginia


They look great. Thanks. 

Dwight B, Washington 


Our pins are really beautiful. 

Mary W, Maryland 


February, 2016 


You are totally Awesome, Thank you!!!! 

Debbie T, Florida 


January, 2016 


Our pins look great. 

Gordon L, New Mexico


I really like the design. It definitely is something unique to our group. 

Colleen R, Colorado 


I am pleased with your service. I will pass your services on to my friends. 

Howard C, Washington 


I love the look of the pins. Thank you again for helping us out. 

Michelle B, Florida 

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