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I am writing to you with sincere appreciation. You made my dad very happy! My father will be 94 yrs. old in January, but he doesn't let ANYTHING stop him from honoring his fellow veterans. Our family is truly grateful to you for his pins.
Joanne F. - Daughter Of A Veteran

I placed this order with you based on the recommendation of our Commander-In-Chief, State Adjutant and and several past commanders. I must admit your level of service and professionalism are excellent. I certainly hope the chair officers will consider you as a source for future production. They have asked me who I am using and I have told them.
Al L. - VFW State Commander

It’s a perfect impulse buy. The pins these have proven to be great sellers. We really like all of the designs. I’d like to triple our last order.
Rose B. - Military Museum Store Manager

I just got the Pin Pack and sold over half of them at our meeting tonight. Thank You.
Cindy U. - VFW Post Auxiliary President

I just opened my box of pins... WOW!!!!! OUTSTANDING!!!! AWESOME!!!! Just a few words on my mind. Totally perfect!!! The pins look great and a sincere Thank You. I am very very happy with the order, and also so glad I went with your company! Hats off to you and your staff!!! VERY IMPRESSED!!! A sincere thank you.
Will G. - District Commander

Thank you again for designing a pin that shares the message so meaningfully.
Diana A. - Military Suicide Awareness Coordinator

You have outdone yourself. Got the pins today and they look great! We will be giving them out next week. Your work, price, promptness and quality speak for themselves. BUT WE WILL BRAG ON YOU ANYWAY! I have put the word out about your great service.
Randy M. - Masonic Veterans

Everyone is pleased with the convention pins. I know they will sell well. Thank you for your consistent work for the VFW. We really appreciate it.
Robin T. - State Executive Assistant

The pins are "perfect". I am very happy with them. You did a marvelous job of interpreting our back-and-forth e mails and conversations to make this lovely pin. Thank you again for a fine job.
Pat S. - Grand President

The pins are exactly what I wanted, they are beautiful. Thank you and I'm passing your information to the Ladies in line behind me. You did an outstanding job.   
Judy P. - State Auxiliary President

I couldn't be happier. The quality is fantastic... you took my vision and made it a reality. Thank you so much.
Rob R. - District Commander

We handed them out to our veterans here and they love them. Thanks so much.
Dawn P. - Government Contractor

Thank you for the last order. The pins are selling beautifully and we need to order more (yes, already).
Judy A. - State Auxiliary President

I recieved everything and I couldn't be happier. The quality is fantastic, you took my vision and made it a reality. Thank you so much.
Rob R. - District Commander

Got them and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!!! My husband says it's the best (fundraising) pin he has seen and trust me, he's seen a few. Did I mention I LOVE them? Thanks and chomping at the bit to hand them out!
Mary S. - State Auxiliary President

We got them in plenty of time for our ceremony and all the vets loved them.
Susan S. - Vietnam Veterans Coordinator

Great work - they are outstanding! Thank you for your flexibility and all of your work!!! We plan on being a repeat customer!
Christopher J. - Government Contractor

Thank you so much for keeping this process simple and easy.
James H. - Military Museum Store Manager

We are well pleased and will gladly spread the word about your company.
John S. - Ship Reunion

The pins and coins look fantastic! Far beyond my expectations!!!!
Bill M. - State Commander

They look great. Thank you!!
Kelly F. - Military Spouses Club

Your pins look far better than others I have seen and/or received. I appreciate your efforts.
Lisa P. - Grand Commander

I just wanted to let you know that I received my pins and I am VERY, VERY pleased!!! Thank you for working with me on the design and for holding my hand through the phone as you guided me through all of my concerns. I look forward to handing out my membership pins with pride!!! Once again, many thanks. You have been a joy to work with!!!
Ginger A. - State Auxiliary President

It’s the nicest coin I’ve ever seen, and I have quite a large collection. Thank you very much! We'd like to order more.
Jim L. - State Quartermaster

Thank you so much, appreciate your attention to detail and promptness. We love your pins and the quality is so good - and the price.  Our vets love them!!
Cheryl P. - Military Reunion Coordinator

I have been very impressed with your level of customer service.... Just gave your name to a coworker who is also looking at having some pins done.
Erika B. - Military Association Liasson

We are very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship! Thank you!
Ken T. - Post Commander

They are perfect and going fast!! I actually need to order more already.
Livia S. - "Secret" Law Enforcement Agency Assistant

What wonderful, wonderful service! My check hasn't even cleared yet and we have the pins. Thanks again!
Don P. - Masonic Veteran

The pins arrived EXACTLY in the nick of time!! Amazing work! They went over great! Thanks for your hard work to get them here on time. They made a difference in the meeting, believe me.
Jim D. - Grand Commander

You are the greatest!! I could not have made it through my run through all the chairs in the state as well as nationally. My dad (who also ordered pins from you) was right about you.  He said you'd take care of me and you did. Thank you so much. Whenever someone asks me about pins, I send them your way.
Lorna Piper, MOCA National President

Just a note of thanks for your services. The pins arrived on time and nearly half have already been dispensed. All profits will be helping our National Home for Children. Again, thanks for working with us and I assure you that whenever I, or others within the VFW/MOC, need pins you will be the first point of contact.  
Bill F. - Grand Commander

Just received my pins and I'm so impressed with the product - awesome job. We’re very pleased! I don't know where to start. The quality is better than best! Very pleased with the entire process, and you were extremely accommodating from design to delivery. I'll be looking forward to the next time we do business together and in the meantime I'm telling everyone I know to use Carab. Thanks again for all your help.
Phil D. - VFW Post Commander

Thank you for being so attentive to our needs. Boy, you guys are on the ball and I want you to know that you have been delightful to do business with. The pins went over so well that we need more already. These pins are making our fundraising efforts outstanding. Again, I truly thank you and hope you continue to be successful.
Pat M. - State Auxiliary President

Thanks so much – we’re so excited about the way you changed design of pin for us. BEAUTIFUL pins. I am so very pleased with how they turned out. You and your company did a wonderful job. I will certainly tell everyone where they came from. THANK YOU for a job very well done.
Helen S. - Post Auxiliary President

We received our coins today... thanks, awesome as usual.  We appreciate your hard work.
Doug R. - "Secret" Law Enforcement Agent

The pins are great - they really sparkle. The people I've shown them to really like them. The print drawing really didn't show just how great they would be. Can't wait to be able to order my other pins. Thanks so much.
Vickie S. - State Auxiliary President

It is always such a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks for going the extra mile.
Ray F. - National Commander

I want to thank you for a great job on my pins. My pins are beautiful. We just sold more than 1900 within a 1/2 hr on the first day! I may need to order more. Again thank you so much!  
Mercy M. - State Auxiliary President

WOW...I got the pins today and they are better than I expected!  Everyone is raving over the pins. Thanks for helping me with this.  We were under the gun and you made it happen in record time and they are GREAT. These vets ought to know how good you are and I plan on making that happen. Send me your flyers so I can pass them out – I’ll be pushing you business big time!
Don M. - District Commander






































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